We offer comprehensive training both online and ONSITE that can

be tailored to your individual needs.





Product training

Training Course

One of our expert trainers will provide product training either online or onsite depending upon your requirements and preferences. Online courses can be offered at reduced rates as we are incurring no travel costs. However our preference would always be to come and spend the day with you, ensuring you gain a full understanding and maximum benefit from your course. We supply reference materials and always tailor training courses to individual or group needs. So whether you need a refresher or are totally new to the system – Desktop or Mobile – we can help.

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Inspection courses

Inspection course

PSS is approved as a Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) Examination Centre. This allows PSS to provide recognised training courses for Outdoor Routine and Operational Playground Inspectors and examine candidates for the relevant level of RPII accreditation. This accreditation is valid for 3 years and is a measurable level of competence for Inspectors. We offer both initial examination and renewal courses.





As an RPII examination centre, our inspections and product following closely with the guidelines laid out for the RPII. The following methodology document is available for your review and used in line with Annual Inspections. Click here to view the: RPII Policy Document