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  • The PSSLive system is the perfect tool for Inspecting and reporting on the Parks, Playgrounds and open spaces throughout the City & County of Swansea area.

    John Hopkins - City and County of Swansea
  • PSS worked alongside Worcester Council to meet their request for specific Findings and Tasks to be associated with Trees.
    Public Sector Software on working with Worcester
  • "PSS has been one of the highlights of doing this job and I have enjoyed and looked forward to our meetings."

    John Knowlson - Bristol City Council
  • “We managed our Play Site Inspections and Maintenance, using PlaySafe, successfully for three years before migrating to PSSLive and have found it to be a much improved management tool. PSSLive is an excellent tool with a wide range of functions that enable us to record inspections and maintenance and to monitor budgets."


    Peter Jones, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
  • "PSSLive are single-handedly changing the face of quality monitoring in the grounds maintenance sector. The increased use of information technology at home has impacted on our work in a positive way improving our productivity and our customer relationships through innovation. G. S will continue to seek innovative partners to drive forward the performance of our industry and offer customers an affordable usable technological solution.”
    Adrian Wickham - Glendale Services
  • "You had the insight to listen to people from the doing end, I like to drive software rather than it drive me, this has made PSS a very practical and easy-to-use product if you choose to use it."
    Andy Ford - Rushmoor Borough Council
  • “At Lewes District Council, we have recently started using PSSLive for logging all of our tree stock. Our inspectors using the mobiles carry out inspections of the trees to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Any arboriculture work required on the tree will be 'tasked' at the same time. We have found the software to be very user friendly; and it's always good to know that there is a fast response from PSSLive if we need a helping hand!”

    Andy Frost, Lewes District Council
  • “It is very easy to find time to complain, pick holes and tell someone you are not happy with their services, but we never make the same allowances to say thank you or to say we appreciate what has been done. Your system is not one of the best, it is the best and a joy to use.”

    Jennie Judd - Newport County Borough Council
  • “Enables a concise record of inspection / maintenance to be kept, which is an invaluable asset when dealing with liability claims.”

    John Edmondson
  • "On the iPad it's the best piece of software I've ever used.”

    John Millard
  • “With so many play areas and records that have to be kept for over 20 years, PSSLive has saved paper, storage and time required to search for records. Not only that, it has made staff accountable and the play areas safer and a more attractive place to be. A versatile tool that can be used by all personnel at a level they are comfortable with which produces vital information for the operation of our 500 play sites, an important part of our landscape accountability."
    Milton Keynes City Council
  • "The fact that the data is always up to date for all users when they access the software eliminates any confusion."


    Peter Jones, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
  • "The reporting element is invaluable for planning improvements to or replacement of equipment. PSSLive has also eliminated the need to keep paper records as the web-enabled software holds the records so that they are immediately available when required, particularly at times when supporting data is required for a claim when there has been an accident.” 

    Peter Jones, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
  • “However it was also very rewarding to be involved with a company who were actively developing a responsive and effective system. I am pleased to say that responsiveness is still a key quality with PSS Live with a willingness to proactively deal with issues and development needs. Long may that continue.”

    Rob Thurston - Weston-Super-Mare Town Council
  • "The system provides a paperless record of all inspections carried out. It is a great asset management tool that assists with the production of planned maintenance schedules and much more. There is a good audit trail which is required should a claim for injury arise”

    Rushden Town Council
  • We have been using the PSSLive software since 2013 and have found it to be an invaluable tool to help us manage our play areas and trees. It gives us an effective audit trail of what was found when and how / when it was resolved. In addition the ability to manage our trees through the software – from initial surveying to follow up inspections has also been of great benefit.
    Rob Thurston, Weston-super-Mare Town Council
  • It’s been great being able to use the software and have pictures relating to each asset, findings and tasks in the parks and playgrounds.
    Bethany Dove - Torbay Council
  • The product itself has helped us immensely in reducing paperwork. It has increased the ability of the maintenance team to inspect and record everything they do and thus prove and track their own effectiveness.

    Before PSSLive, often work would get done, but the repairs were not recorded. The ability to track the maintenance teams process is a huge asset to both management and the team themselves.

    Kevin Shackell - Manchester City Council Neigbourhood Team
  • "Since 2011 we have a had a far more robust system in place for both inspecting and maintain equipment, which has lead to quicker response times when dealing with issues and a reduction in the number of claims against the Council." Martin Harris, Parks Technical Officer (Parks and Open Spaces)

    Nottingham City Council
  • "Nathan was very thorough regarding relevant information and detail. He was constantly checking whether people understood. I was extremely impressed by his overall attitude"

    ANSA Training Course feedback 25th July 2018


  • Inspect
  • Manage
  • Maintain

Use the Mobile app to record Inspections live on Site, in real time.


    Conduct inspections using PSSLive+ for iOS or Android.


    • Conduct Inspections on your Mobile via set Schedules or Routes.
    • Conduct Inspections on Sites or Single Assets.
    • View the full list of Sites for a free flowing Inspection method.
    • For extra efficient Inspections – set up the Inspection Types you require to filter the Assets and Finding checklists to only display the relevant information.
    • Add Findings straight from maps (Annual Licence users only).
    • Add Inspections straight from maps.
    • Site and Asset details, including Photos, can be updated during the Inspection process.
    • Findings and Tasks can be edited when required with a full Audit Trail history stored.
    • Inspections are signed off and date/time stamped to create accurate indisputable evidence logs.
    • Assets not Inspected during the Inspection can be marked as such for clarity of the remit of the Inspection.



    • All Unresolved Tasks can be viewed and managed to completion via the Mobile.
    • Filter by specific Sites, Routes or Contractors.
    • Contractors can be given access to view just the areas assigned to them (additional charges for external operators may apply).
    • Scheduled Tasks can be set up via the Desktop and then actioned accordingly.


    • Maintain the most up to date Asset register possible containing all the key facts on your Assets.
    • Site Owners, Departments, Sites and Assets can be added, populated and edited from the Mobile.
    • Asset specific fields for different Asset Categories are included as standard.
    • Sites and Assets can be Geocoded, areas plotted and even edits made from the map.
  • Built-in checklists

    PSSLive comes with a ‘Standards’ as standard guarantee. The in-built checks based on Inspection standards and maintenance requirements are included and mapped to provide sensible selection checklists, which are cross referenced to relevant Assets, Findings and Tasks.

    Complete your Inspections accurately and quickly. Create and define Inspection types to suit your individual requirements or use the pre-defined ones e.g. for Play – Routine, Operational or Annual.

    Standards included for Play use are:

    • BSEN1176 (2017 update)
    • BSEN16630
    • BSEN14974
    • BSEN15312
    • BS10075 Parkour




    • Photos taken with your smartphone can be linked to the Site, Asset, Finding or Task. They can be pulled into reports or viewed on the Desktop app.
    • Multiple Photos can be linked at each level.
    • From your Mobile use your phone’s gallery to select multiple Photos to link at once.
    • View thumbnails of the Images from the Mobile and update as required with a simple press and hold function.
    • Contractors can use Task Images to prove visual completion of a Task.

Use the Desktop App to manage and review all Inspections, Findings and Tasks. PSSLive can act as a management tool to support decision making and financial planning.


    PSSLive’s Automated To-Do List, available from either the Desktop or the Mobile prompts Users to complete any overdue scheduled Inspections or outstanding Tasks – reducing risk and providing a centralised view. Other available To Do list prompts include:

    • Findings without Tasks
    • High Risk Findings
    • Scheduled Inspections
    • Scheduled Tasks
    • Tasks Due for Monitoring
    • Unresolved Findings

    Nothing can be forgotten or overlooked, and it brings your attention to items requiring action.


    • Produce high quality, tailored reports via a simple wizard tool for email or print.
    • Different report formats are provided as standard or templates can be adapted to suit specific needs and saved for future use.
    • Include Photos in reports, filter by specific Sites or group by Sites, include specific comments and logos.
    • Information in the report can be set as per your requirements down to the specific fields included.
    • Edit the final draft in Word, save as a PDF to email or view as an HTML report dependent upon requirement.

    • PSSLive is happy to offer read-only access to clients or coworkers who would benefit. Simply sign up, so they see what you see.
    • External contractors can also be supplied a licence at very reasonable rates to enable them to view the works requiring their action.
    • By employing a single system to accommodate the entire asset management – inspections – maintenance process, paperwork is reduced to zero and time spent chasing and checking on progress becomes obsolete.

    • Simple Task list management allows you to prioritise work schedules quickly and easily.
    • Assign Tasks to Contractors (internal or external). Complete jobs via the Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.
    • Create Works Orders or job sheets if required to email or print for Contractors themselves.
    • Tasks can be viewed from the Mobile. Contractors can be given a login so they only see the Tasks assigned to them.
    • Tasks can be seen for action during the Inspection too if your Inspection team also carry out maintenance works whilst onsite.
    • Tasks can be marked as completed with both a Photo and date.


  • Scheduled Tasks

    • Scheduled Tasks (usually proactive actions rather than those resulting from a Finding or a fault e.g. grass cutting) can be set in the system and repeated on a reoccurring frequency.
    • Action Scheduled Tasks without the need for Inspections or Findings. Mark as Completed or Missed.
    • Photos can be added to show the action was carried out or if it was not, alongside a note.
    • Scheduled Tasks are listed in date order and can be filtered by Site, Route or Contractor.

Maintain an accurate Asset Register of the items you are responsible for. Maintain your Assets in the best practically possible condition.


    Create and maintain a comprehensive database containing vast amounts of information and Images on your Sites and Assets. What you record is up to you – of course the more you record the more valuable your data becomes.  Included are specific fields only displayed for the relevant kinds of Sites or Assets, for example:






    Name Playground category Name Age range QTRA and CAVAT values
    Address Play value Sub type Free height of fall Maturity
    Ward Surface Value Manufacturer Impact area Vigour
    Route Care and maintenance fields Installed date EN compliance Longevity
    Site condition Condition Location type
    Development potential Size
    Access level Preservation order
    Site life expectancy Conversation area
    Conversation area
    Disabled access


    Plot Sites and Assets using the Mapping via either the Desktop or Mobile to improve management reporting ability, Route planning and cost evaluation of future stock.

    From the Mobile mapping is easy. From the location of the Site or Asset, tap Geocode and the information will be plotted and stored. Map pins can be moved to improve accuracy of plotting. Map paths and polygons can be plotted. Edits to Site and Asset details can be made directly from the map. Findings can even be plotted directly from the map.


    The Desktop Dashboard displays an overview of core information available from your database.  It can be filtered to show for selected Site Owners, Departments or Sites. The data displayed updates accordingly. Track the progress of  your Inspection and maintenance teams against core performance indicators such as:


    • Findings with no assigned Risk
    • All Unresolved Findings
    • Findings with High/Unacceptable Risk


    • Findings added and Task resolved within a defined period
    • Number of Inpsections completed within a defined period
    • All Findings without Tasks
    • All Findings past their resolved by date
    • Findings set to Review and Tasks set to Monitor


    • Completed and In Progress Inspections
    • Inspections by type within a defined period

    PSSLive is a modular system providing access only to the sector areas you require. Pay only for the modules you require, or choose to have a Corporate Annual Licence to include access to all Asset areas and related checklists. Alternatively buy an annual bundle of sectors at reduced rates for multiple purchases.

    Modules include (but are not limited or restricted to):

    • Playgrounds
    • Trees
    • Parks & Open Spaces
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Allotments
    • Leisure Centres
    • Health & Safety
    • Off-Road Car Parks
    • Estates Management
    • Site Management
    • Vehicle Checks
    • Highways
    • Water Safety/Beaches/Coastal Paths

    If you need access to additional Asset areas or Assets not currently covered by PSSLive – our team will be happy to work with you to resolve this.

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