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  • “I have really been impressed with the professionalism and passion PSS and Agile Orange have shown through the development of the PSSUltimate system. PSSUltimate has moved us towards being a virtually paperless service that has two-way real time communication with front line staff in the field. We now have accurate records of completed works histories for each site we manage and an ever growing database of management information that will help us ensure we can improve the efficiency of the service going forward.”

    Barry Emmerson, Islington Borough Council

PSSUltimate - Features

  • Features

Task Management made simple


    • The web app provides live data on all of your Sites.
    • Enables the addition, editing and assigning of Work Programs and Tasks.
    • Schedule Tasks for completion within seasonal parameters
    • Track when Sites were last visited and maintained.
    • Monitor teams progress through Work Programs.
    • Record training records and equipment checks
    • Create Checklists to complete simple pass/fail checks such as Fire Safety audits.

    • Team Leaders can sign off Tasks on Work Programs as they are completed, with the inclusion of Photos for evidence.
    • Push urgent Tasks to your User’s devices to create a reactive workforce, attending to the most pressing issues as needed.
    • Use the app to perform Equipment Checks and assess user competence against held training records before use and retain the information securely on the Cloud.
    • Records Issues as seen on Site
    • Manage Issues on Site with Rectification Tasks looping back into Programs
    • Completed pass/fail checks on in accordance with your personally created Checklists.

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