Asset Types EXAMPLEs:

Sewage Treatment






Grass – Cutting/MOWING required

Site- Litter 

Fence – Section Missing

Fencing – Installation required

Hedges – Cutting required

Pathway – uneven

Grounds Maintenance 

Grounds Maintenance includes a wide cross section of Assets and potential Tasks, such as:

  • Grass cutting.
  • Mowing for all types of lawn areas.
  • Maintenance and care for flower beds, shrubberies and hedges.
  • Sports pitch maintenance including line marking, minor surface repairs.
  • Weed control, to name but a few.

Ensure your outside spaces are properly maintained to fulfill their role for visitors and customers. Equally ensure they meet their duty of care to the public by seeing the safety of paving, trees and other publicly used Assets well maintained.

PSSLive enables the scheduling of routine Tasks for teams to action or the Inspection of Sites the leading to the discovery of Findings to be addressed and allocated appropriately. Whatever grounds work you undertake, PSSLive can help you and your teams to paperlessly record, review and action the entire workflow process. 

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