6th April 2017 – 3 million Inspections have now been recorded using PSSLive, the Inspection Management Software developed by PSS. This incredible milestone was recorded with an Inspection by Steve Brown at Derbyshire Dales District Council.  

The Council are relatively new to PSSLive, having adopted the system in April 2016 after a review of their existing systems. Their current license covers all Modules and Asset Types PSSLive has to offer, from Playgrounds to Street Furniture and Facilities.  There have previously also been over 30 additions made to the Asset Lists at the request of the Council, which are available to all customers. 

“As a result of implementing PSSLive, the entire paper/printing costs associated with playground inspections carried out by Derbyshire Dales District Council have been eliminated.  Additionally, the system improves the availability of information to managers and inspectors. Management and performance data can be accessed and manipulated within PSSLive without additional software. In the field, inspectors can see unresolved findings in relation to equipment as they inspect which means there is little or no duplication of reports and they can effectively monitor problems.

This has made for a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes to complete an inspection. One inspector said that times had been almost halved as a result of the trial. This means that every individual inspection is around 10 to 15 minutes shorter than previously. This equates to around 215 hours a year (nearly an hour saved each working day).

Given the success of the playground inspections, we plan to extend our use of PSSLive to monitor other assets such as trees and footpaths in the coming year.”

Ian Brailsford, Business Support Supervisor at Derbyshire Dales District Council

Since achieving 2 million Inspections recorded in October 2013, PSS now has roughly 80 customers in the UK, and have continued their expansion into the USA, with customers in Texas, California, New York and Kansas.  There is an average of 1,000 Inspections recorded each day using the PSSLive and Playsafe (USA) softwares. 

In March 2017, PSS launched PSSUltimate, a combination of Web and Mobile Applications designed to improve the management of work teams, programs and maintenance tasks. Designed in partnership with Islington Borough Council, PSS will work to develop this new system over the coming year with any councils or companies who would like to invest in PSSultimate’s growth. 

“We just hit another milestone worth celebrating with our customers: over 3 million inspections in PSSLive. No other playground inspection app comes close. Like you, we love what we do. We thrive on your feedback. That’s why PSSLive is the world’s Number One. You asked for an interactive dashboard with key performance indicators, so that’s what we gave you. And, there’s plenty more to come. Our mission will never change. You can count on us to ensure that PSSLive, and PSSUltimate (our exciting new web app), will always exceed your expectations and give you an industry-beating return on your investment.”

Trevor Baker, Director of Research and Development. 

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and use of PSSLive.