A new partnership between the Woodland Trust and the Gardens Trust will give the Woodland Trust more notice of threats to veteran trees in registered historic parks and gardens, as the Gardens Trust is a statutory consultee on developments which affect these.

The Gardens Trust will provide the Woodland Trust with a weekly digest of all applications notified to them by Local Planning Authorities in England and Wales.

Woodland Trust conservation advisor Jill Butler said this would give it more time to respond to cases such as the planned development of Aldermaston Park, which its campaigns teams was notified of “at the very last minute”.

Its subsequent campaign to protect the site, the remnant of historic parkland rich in ancient trees, led to over 3,700 supporters voicing objections. The case has yet to be decided on.

“Since then, through our weekly list of possible threats from the Gardens Trust, we have become aware of many other similar threats, perhaps as many as two or three a week,” Butler said.

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