23 June 2017, by Gavin McEwan, Horticulture Week

The London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) has published a new best-practice guidance document for anyone involved in selecting surface materials for use around trees.

Developed by an LTOA working party with input from tree specialists, project managers and highway engineers, Surface materials around trees in hard landscapes is intended to demonstrate the wide range of materials available, each with its advantages and disadvantages, with no single material right for every scenario.

It notes that those responsible for selecting materials around trees must balance the needs of the tree – permeability for air and water – with the needs of the footway to provide a safe, robust surface, and that professionals from different spheres will wish to prioritise these differently.

LTOA chair John Parker will present the new publication at the forthcoming LTOA seminar, to be held in Barnet on 11 July.

The document is free to download from the LTOA website.

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