York City Council is utilising PSSLive’s complete Asset management system to facilitate the Inspecting of their Parks and Playgrounds. By using PSSLive, York can paperlessly complete any type of Inspection for their Playground and Tree Sites, as well as set Tasks, Assign Contractors and Plot Assets all from the Mobile Application. Filling in this information will enable PSSLive to provide a more accurate picture of the Asset Maintenance required across the City, and facilitate a more in-depth plan of action for the future.

York City Council uses PSSLive to Inspect, Manage and Maintain more than just Parks and Playgrounds. York have more recently expanded their license to include Water Safety and Cemeteries. Using the information gathered by PSSLive, York City Council can track installations, maintenance checks, and budgetary costs. The use of PSSLive also reduces the risk of losing Inspection paperwork as the system is entirely paperless. The Council will also use the data collected in PSSLive to defend against any claims that may be made.