“PSSLive is very beneficial to all Playground Inspectors as it saves time when completing a Routine Inspection. The app is very user friendly with all our Inspectors at all ages using the app efficiently, and learning how to use it quickly.  The back office benefit from the vast amount of information we can draw from the system as it is helpful when investigating possible maintenance on our Play Areas. Inspectors can select a variety of options when reporting a finding providing us with plenty of information which is easily interpreted.” – Sophie Hunt, Property Services.

Tewkesbury Borough Council uses PSSLive across several different module areas; Playgrounds, Parks and Open Spaces, and Trees. Tewkesbury Borough has a distinctive and varied landscape. Much of the area is rural and includes hills, escarpments, woodlands and floodplains. It contains a wide range of settlement patterns, different types of farmland and historic landscape features.

The Borough Council uses PSSLive in line with Trimble technology to map over 2,000 trees and manage over 70 sites across the Borough. Using the various polygon functions, the Council is also able to map Site areas as well as plot all Assets individually. As mapping functionality is available on both the Mobile and Desktop Applications, the Borough Council is able to edit all information either in the office or out on site with a high level of precision.

As PSSLive provides Tree-specific inspection checklists, the Borough Council is able to add a wealth of information to each Asset’s properties. Also, having used to Inspect Playground Sites up to twice a week using pen and paper, Tewkesbury Borough Council now saves time and space by using PSSLive to go paperless. With all Asset information stored for longer than Lord Woolfe’s 21 years, the Borough Council is able to build comprehensive Asset histories that cover every Inspection, Finding and Task ever recorded.