Monday 25th September 2017

Residents in a city community are considering setting up a bike park as part of a bid to improve the facilities available to youngsters.

The idea has come about because people in Cove want to give local youngsters something to do that could get them off the streets.

Cove resident Simon Hill said:

“The bike park is really an idea at the moment; it is to help solve the epidemic of bored teens in the area.”

“There have been a few kids out on bikes at the moment – apparently not being very social.”

“I only put the thought across of building a bike track, for them to get the best out of their bikes.”

“But the idea has kind of escalated into a bike park, which would be even better.”

In the North-east, Aboyne, has a bike park, but cities across the UK have successfully implemented urban bike parks that can be used for free.

The idea for Cove is still in its early stages, but Mr Hill said other people in the community are already keen to contribute ideas.

He added:

“My idea is basically to find out if it’s what the community wants and, if so, who is willing to help with the project before approaching the council with the idea.”

The community is discussing whether this could be what young people want and which areas have potential as sites.

There is an existing track behind the Altens Community Centre, which could make a good starting point, he added.

Mr Hill said:

“There has been an e-mail sent to the community centre to see if we can use the hall for a meeting among residents.”

He wants to hear suggestions and concerns, and organise a committee, after which the city council will be approached.

Aberdeen City Council invested a total of £1.3 million on refurbishing playparks across Aberdeen for 2017/18.

The spending was agreed by the communities, housing and infrastructure committee.


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